If you choose a new front door or garage door, you should not only base your looks on the looks or the energy performance. By also taking security and access control into account when purchasing, you win twice: you reduce the risk of burglary and you benefit from more user comfort. You are always in the right place with these five tips!

  1. European standard

There are more options than ever to equip your house quickly and cheaply with alarm systems and cameras. Yet physical security with burglar-proof doors and locks remains the absolute basis.

  1. Motorized lock

You can also integrate a motorized lock in the front door, linked to one or more forms of access control. Manufacturers unpack with touch screens that are integrated in the door and combine several functions, such as a videophone, a card reader, a finger scanner and a code keyboard.

  1. Remote control

An additional advantage of motorized locks is that manufacturers also develop all kinds of apps for this. Moreover, the classic videophone makes way for the connected variant. This way you can always check, from anywhere, whether the front door or entrance gate is closed properly, and if necessary, control the access remotely. Or use your smartphone as an access badge, so that the front door opens automatically when you are in the area.

  1. Digital security

As soon as you use connected devices, there is a risk that the code will be cracked. Theoretically, at least, because manufacturers invest heavily in encryption technology and digital locks. For the connection with your smartphone or tablet, these systems use your wireless WiFi network at home. Therefore, choose a meaningless name for your network, do not use an obvious Wi-Fi code and occasionally change your router’s administrator password. You can optionally disable the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) of your router.

  1. Prepare

Motorized door locks exist with both wiring and wireless. The wireless systems work with a battery integrated in the cylinder that you can recharge with a wired or wireless charger. If you are not sure yet, or you want to keep options open for the future, provide 220 volts at your front door during construction or renovation.